Badet Raceway - tilbake til førstesiden- in English

  Badet Raceway offers slotcar and Mini-Z racing in Oslo, Norway.

Badet Raceway translates as Bath Raceway, and got it's name for being located in the basement of a public swimming bath. Thus also the logo, a rubber duck.

It was started by Glenn Wennerberg, a long time RC and slotcar enthusiast. For ten years he had been arranging the annual Ringnes Open, a very special slotcar event, where among other strange rules, all drivers had to pass the alcohol test: They had to have at least 1,5%%!

Then he rented the abovementioned basement, and started building the first track. He got good help with a 1970's counter and race system borrowed from a friend. The idea was to provide a place for anyone to come and race a 1:32 slot car right out of the box.

Of course we ended up with several classes in a while, since some people also liked to tune up their cars to the maximum. Today we drive altogether 5 classes, where two is no-modification classes. There's mostly Fly, SCX and Ninco cars, many with tune-up parts from

Glenn now has built two new tracks. The big track is 25 meters in 4 tracks, with a state-of-the-art racing system, a very hi-tech power supply and multi screen display for lap times. And then there's the Rally track, a one-track diorama setup with amazing detailing. This track is also equipped with Gregory Braun's Lap Timer 2000, as the two other tracks.

We'll be arranging the Norwegian Championship for 1:32 scale slot car racing for the second time in March 2002. A normal opening night Badet is visited by anything between 20 and 50 people. Badet also offers Mini-Z racing.

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